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"Drip-Easy System"

Kammerflage Kreations Exclusive
“Drip-Easy System”

A drain pan system developed exclusively for the
Kammerflage Kreaons family of cages!

Convenience for the keeper . . . healthier for the kept!!


If you are tired of the mess water is making in the bottom of your chameleons cage, then we have the solution for you. Modeled after the pan system used in the Kammerflage facility, the two piece kit includes a black PVC water collection pan that your cage will sit on (sized to fit all our cages) as well as a screen bottom insert that takes the place of the original solid cage bottom. Water from above flows right through the new screen bottom and into the collection pan! Dump the pan when needed . . . no puddles, no mess and no stinky towel! It’s Easy!!

  • No more leakage outside of the cage onto the table, shelf and carpet!

  • Since normal fecal matter is caught by the screen, the water captured in the drip pan below is much cleaner. Evaporation from the pan will therefore be an added benefit to the health of your chameleon!

  • Warm water mixing with chameleon waste is a volatile combination for the spread of parasites and bacteria. The separation of water and waste provided by the “Drip-Easy System” is a significant husbandry upgrade and will be a major improvement to your chameleons environment and his/her overall health.

  • Some customers limit the water they provide their chameleon, to limit the mess. This can be a threat to the health of your chameleon. The “Drip-Easy System” gives you the freedom to give your chameleon what it needs without the added worry!!


Available for the entire Kammerflage Kreations cage family!

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Drip-Easy System for the Beginning Cage
Price: $32.95
Drip-Easy System for the Panther Palace
Price: $49.95
Drip-Easy System for the Forever Cage
Price: $38.95

3 Item(s) Page 1 of 1 |   1

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