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Giga-vony (AKA Old Yeller)


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Giga-vony (AKA Old Yeller) - From our finest true Yellow Body Blue Bar Ambilobe bloodlines!

Giga-vony (AKA Old Yeller) comes from a very special Ambilobe bloodline, known for expressing yellow, even while in a relaxed (non-fired up) state. His father (Mavo-ra - AKA Yellow Blood) and grandsire (Mabonika-haboka - AKA Mellow Yellow) keep a 100% yellow body, 100% of the time, and he himself keeps a primarily yellow body at all times as well. It's a dream project for our team that has been in the works for nearly 15 years! Excited to see how Giga-vony contributes to our "true" yellow body blue bar lines!

Good looks run in the family!

Giga-vony's sire, Mavo-ra (AKA Yellow Blood) -

100% yellow body, 100% of the time!

Giga-vony's grandsire, Mabonika-haboka (AKA Mellow Yellow) -

100% yellow body, 100% of the time!

More Giga-vony (AKA Old Yeller) - - -

When completely fired up, Giga-vony's bars go from being a beautiful powder blue to a wildly unique silver-white color!

#KK_OldYeller / #KK_OldYellerBaby / #TeamAmbilobe / #KammerflageKreations

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