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Panther Locale Crosses


A Word About Why We Cross Breed, Regional Color Morphs of Panther Chameleons. As is hopefully apparent to those who know us or are just visiting our web site . . . we LOVE chameleons! We enjoy the thrill of successfully breeding and rearing a variety of species. We are eager pupils in a field with so much to learn about. Regarding the Panther Chameleon, our primary focus will always be the reproduction of pure regional color morphs. We have gone to great lengths to acquire diverse groups of outstanding Ambanja, Ambilobe, Nosy Be, and Sambava Panthers, so that we may provide truly wonderful examples of all these naturally occurring color phases.

One of our highest goals is to provide "morph true" females to the breeders who purchase from us. Females are the most difficult link to a morph true breeding colony as they are not easily differentiated from each other visually, as are the males. There are some people who are negative about "cross breeding" Panthers. In some instances we would agree with their sentiments, in particular, when it is done in a dishonest or haphazard way. It is most frustrating to obtain a "prime female" to match with your male Nosy Be Blue, only to have her produce crossed offspring you didn't expect . . . and finding this out, many months later. We understand how disappointing this would feel. To insure against such an occurrence, our record keeping and breeding practices are meticulous with all of the chameleons we breed.

So why on earth do we cross breed? . . . BECAUSE IT'S SO FUN AND INTERESTING !! . . . and after all, that is why we do what we do, because we enjoy it so much. In some regard, it is like being a painter with a color pallet. If no one ever mixed blue with red, we'd have never experienced purple. Since we began our journey as chameleon breeders we have read and were told that most crosses would produce "mules", unique, but non-reproductive animals. As you will see by the crosses we have produced, we have found this to be largely untrue. Regardless of locality, all Panther Chameleons are considered "Furcifer pardalis." Many of the regional color morphs have overlapping borders. If sexually mature adults were to meet in the wild, it is our opinion that they would breed and make babies, regardless of their locale. That has been our experience with our own crosses and while we have yet to try every combination, we have tried many and the results can be extraordinary. As stated before, its a lot of fun and we look forward to what we will learn and see in the future. Far from haphazard, we can tell you what % of the different morphs each clutch contains.

Since most of the crosses we are producing are "first evers", we have no way of knowing how they will turn out. With this in mind, some of the groups are offered at a lower price. If you are a first timer, simply not concerned with "morph purity", or have an adventurous spirit, a "Kammerflage Kaleidoscope" may be for you. If you are looking for beautiful, true regional morph Panthers, we have a wonderful selection of those as well (see links listed above). A strong word of responsibility . . . if you intend to breed your Panther cross, it is imperative that YOU keep accurate details of the parental background and pass it on to whoever receives your offspring.


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