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Free Chameleon Radio?!

Learn more at www.chameleonbreeder.com


Side Projects:

We have a limited number of adorable Crested Gecko babies available now!
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#Tag Your Kreations:

I LOVE seeing our customers interact with one another on Instagram, especially those who have offspring from the same sire or clutch! Somehow, many of you find each other all on your own, but I was thinking...perhaps there is a way to make it easier.

How does it work?: Tag your Kreation by first putting KK_ , then the breeder's name, followed by the word "baby." EXAMPLE: Ponzu would be - #‎KK_GrimboldBaby‬. (NOTE - For those with Ambilobe babies, I'm thinking it would be easier to use the breeder's English name rather than Malagasy.)

I am thrilled to report that the database is growing! What a fun way for anybody who wishes to share and compare their Kreation's progress with others. Thank you so much for participating! We love our Kammerflage fam!


We sure are blessed with some awesome customers!

Back in 2011, one such very special customer started a thread on the Chameleon Forums titled "Calling All Kammer Babies" which is dedicated to all of the different chams that people have recieved from us over the years. The thread now exceeds 100,000 views, and to date, there are over 400 posts with photos and stories of our customer's Kreations! This thread means the world to us! We can't thank Anne enough for getting it started! 

PLEASE, feel extra encouraged to contribute!! We love when members of the Kammerflage Fam share their Kreations with us, and this thread is such a fun way to share!



Social Media Corner:


For daily posts, make sure to follow Kammerflage Kreations on Instagram and Facebook!

Instagram Friends: If you have a beautiful Kreation of your own, please use the #KammerflageKreations hashtag to share!

Facebook Friends: Please share your Kreations to our wall! We will pick some of your photos to feature weekly! 



Do you need to ship a chameleon (or any other reptile)?

Here is a great opportunity to save $$$ -


We are so pleased that your search for something special has brought you here! Panther Chameleons are our passion and we are privileged to say, our profession. Whether you are a "veteran" keeper or this will be your very first Panther, we know we have something special for you. We offer exquisite pieces of "Living Art" that are ready to enhance your life and your home. We've spent years developing the very best captive bred Panther Chameleons on the market today.   

Why choose Kammerflage Kreations?!  CLICK HERE for more information.

And Remember!: 

Chameleons are like Lay's Potato Chips . . .
"Bet you can't have just one."
Consider yourself warned!


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