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If you read information on chameleon care and maintenance, you will see varying methods of approach to many subjects such as housing, lighting, feeding, supplementation and breeding. The chameleon care information we provide for our customers comes from our individual experience with the animals we love and care for.

Your past and future experiences with chameleons may vary to one degree or another. What we have to offer in the way of advise or suggestions is by no means the "ONLY WAY" or approach. Our hope is that the chameleon care instructions and warnings that we have learned along the way, may be beneficial to those who are interested. Any specific care questions or subject matters we have not covered, we would be happy to address with you, one on one, via e-mail or a phone call.

Chameleon care is like a fine art that is continually undergoing refinement. As we personally press forward and learn more about these magnificent creatures, we will update our care information as well.

Best wishes to each one of you as you continue to gain knowledge and experience with our common interest,


Making chameleon cage cleaning day and morning commutes more entertaining and educational than ever before, The Chameleon Breeder Podcast with Bill Strand! New episodes launch every Friday! Listen on iTunes, the iHeartRadio App, the Chameleon Breeder Podcast App (available for Apple users), or directly on the website at www.chameleonbreeder.com

The Chameleon Forums!! www.ChameleonForums.com
And be sure to check out the "Calling All Kammer Babies" thread!


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