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Due to the lack of scientific research, nutritional supplementation for chameleons in captivity, is largely a mystery.  This is an area of chameleon care that must be determined individually by the chameleon keeper.  The needs of each chameleon can vary depending on species and life stages (i.e. growing babies, egg laying females, mature adult males, etc.).

The conventional wisdom is that both a vitamin and calcium supplememnt should be provided to captive chameleons but with widely differing opinions as to "how much" and "how often."  This will also depend on the products you use.  One of the best ways to ensure chameleons are getting proper nutrition is through the foods they eat.  Supplements are in addition to a healthy diet.  When we supplement, it is done "lightly and routinely."  The prey item should be evenly coated but not "laden down" or smothered with supplements.

Since chameleons life stages affect metabolism and nutritional needs, this is an important factor to keep in mind when supplementing.  Some chameleon species grow at a much faster pace than others.  Warmer climated species tend to have higher metabolism rates verses cooler climated (montane) species.  A word of caution from our own experience . . . some montane species tend to be very sensitive to over supplementation, so be careful not to over-do.

For a list of products we recommend using, please click on:  SUPPLEMENTS

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