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About Us

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How did Kammerflage Kreations come into being?

Chameleons are individuals in every way!  That's what makes them such extraordinary creatures.  Each one is a work of art, but no two are exactly alike.  At first glance, you might think you can't tell them apart, but spend a little time in careful observation and you will see differences that make each individual unique from any other.  Once a chameleon gets into your heart . . . you will never be the same.  Those of you who hae been "bitten by the bug" know exactly what I'm talking about!

Everyone has a story, this is ours . . .

   My husband and I are both smitten by chameleons but our backgrounds regarding reptiles couldn't be more different.  How we arrived at Kammerflage Kreations came from two opposite sides of a coin.  One . . . highly experienced and the other . . . an enthusiastic novice.

The highly experienced . . .

Ed has loved reptiles ever since he was a little boy bringing home his "prizes" from the riverbed behind his home.  He never grew out of his boyish charm and at 19 years of age, he applied some sound advice from a friend's dad and started a business based on his fascination for reptiles.  Few people get the opportunity to turn their passion into a business, but that's exactly what happened for him! His dream, which became West Coast Reptile, Inc., successfully continued for 23 years.  Along with time has come countless years of invaluable experience and knowledge, most derived from the "school of hard knocks" since far less was known about reptiles 30 years ago. 

The enthusiastic novice . . .

Growing up in the south . . . I had my moments as a little girl with a Maxwell House coffee can, blue belly lizards, baby toads, mud-puppies and "chameleons," my favorites (green anoles!) . . . but then I grew into a sensible woman and put such things aside . . . or so I thought.  I've always liked reptiles, but as I grew up, my admiration was from a distance (despite the business we owned).  Over the years, a handful of reptiles have made their way home as pets, but nothing  I considered my own.  I was too busy as a stay-at-home Mom caring for our daughter Briana, now age 21 and our son Travis, now age 18 . . . as well as managing the books for West Coast Reptile, Inc.

Unexpectedly . . . a common passion emerges

One warm July night in 1998, after a nice dinner with our friends Philippe and Gigi de Vosjoli, something wonderful and amazing happened.  Gigi showed me two little veiled chameleon babies that had just hatched two days prior.  She said, "Liddy, choose which one you'd like and take it home for your very own".  This tiny creature I held on the tip of my index finger with little grasping hands and feet, inquisitive eyes and curling tail . . .  simply enchanted me. That was it!  I was "bitten by the bug"!  Where had this creature been all of my life?!

Suddenly and unexpectedly, Ed and I shared a new dimension in our relationship . . . "reptiles" . . . namely  CHAMELEONS!   As we watched this little veiled chameleon growing up on our kitchen counter, our passion grew along with her.  She found a place in all of our hearts.  Ed would make purchases for West Coast Reptile, and found himself focusing more and more on different chameleons he had the opportunity to buy.  He couldn't get enough of them either!  Some husbands bring home flowers for their wife . . . mine brought home chameleons.  It didn't take long before our common interest took over the living room!

We had to make a decision . . . when you haven't met a chameleon you don't like and then they all start liking each other . . . you better do something quick    . . . like sell some babies you don't want to part with!  Voila . . . Kammerflage Kreations

Go ahead and try a chameleon . . . it just might change your life too!

An update to our personal story:
February 22, 2003 we became "full time" chameleon breeders and now devote 100% of our efforts to producing healthy, beautiful, captive bred chameleons.  We couldn't be happier . . .
working together and doing exactly what we LOVE!




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