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Ambanja Female - Sire: "Kandy Krush" x Dam: "Iluin" - Hatched August 2017 - #1

Ambanja Female - Sire: "Kandy Krush" x Dam: "Iluin" - Hatched August 2017 - #1
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About this pairing - 
For this pairing, we are attempting to follow in the same direction that caused us to fall in love with Mr. Krush himself. Our hopes by pairing him with Irulin (daughter of ATANATAR) was to harness that brilliant unicorn-like blue/purple/“blurple” Tree Candy influence that we all love so much, and infuse with some of our very favorite long-term Kammerflage Ambanja bloodlines. Atanatar + Tree Candy?! I think that the results here could be off the charts, and so far, even at only three months old, these babies do not disappoint with their robust size and dazzling good looks! 

ch Range:
 August 16 - 29, 2017

Shipping Info: She is ready now for her forever home! We ship M-T-W of each week, for next day arrival. We will contact you BEFORE shipping to make sure you are ready for your new Kreation.

CHAMELEON HOMEWORK: Getting your new chameleon's habitat ready?! Be sure to check out episode 001 of The Chameleon Breeder Podcast for some awesome tips!! 

 - If you give a Kandy Krush baby his or her forever home, feel free to share/search with #KK_KandyKrushBaby!

Lineage / Family Tree Info - 
 "Kandy Krush"


Dam's Sire: "ATANATAR" !!

Fully related siblings (same sire, same dam)


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